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Version: 1.8.1

Developer: MiRumbo

Released: 2020-09-01

Updated: 2021-03-07

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Description of Rumbo 1.8.1 APK

If you face the challenges of public transport every day, we’ve got great news for you: meet Rumbo, your new travel companion with the information you need to make better decisions about your journey.

Rumbo knows what’s going on everywhere in the city, all the time, which means - with Rumbo in your pocket - so do you!

If there’s any kind of disruption on your route - an accident, a roadblock, a protest - Rumbo will let you know, and can show you an alternate route to get you where you need to go.

You’ll discover new routes and shortcuts, and you’ll even save time and money.

You can safely share the alerts about your journey with your family and friends to stop them worrying, and if you find yourself in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, Rumbo will quickly show you the way out.

This is just the beginning. Join the public transport revolution with Rumbo!