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あぶり肉工房/かんてき西村家 神戸の焼肉店

Version: 4.8.0

Developer: GMO Digitallab, Inc.

Released: 2019-12-02

Updated: 2019-12-02

あぶり肉工房/かんてき西村家 神戸の焼肉店 4.8.0 APK あぶり肉工房/かんてき西村家 神戸の焼肉店 4.8.0 APK あぶり肉工房/かんてき西村家 神戸の焼肉店 4.8.0 APK あぶり肉工房/かんてき西村家 神戸の焼肉店 4.8.0 APK

Description of あぶり肉工房/かんてき西村家 神戸の焼肉店 4.8.0 APK



A yakiniku restaurant of quality and price that can be done because it is a directly managed store with a butcher shop.
Kobe beef nominated store at Kobe meat center where the finest meat is handled
A connoisseur of the Nishimura family is buying one.

◎ Main functions
● Net shop
We will guide you to the net shop run by the Nishimura family.
At that time, the owner himself purchases the best material in a line,
We offer "Kobe beef" that is safe for our customers.
● You can manage your membership card and point cards together with the app.
● Start the camera from the stamp screen, you can get the stamp by reading the QR code presented by the staff!
Collect stamps you can get at the store and receive special benefits.
● With the next visit date registration function, you will receive a push notification the day before you registered, so you can recheck your schedule.
● Since you can synchronize with iPhone's "Calendar" and "Reminder" functions, schedule management can be organized on iPhone!

◎ Notes
● This app displays the latest information using Internet communication.
● Some devices may not be available depending on the model.
● This app is not compatible with tablets. (Please note that some models can be installed, but may not work properly.)
● Registration of personal information is not required when installing this app. Enter the information after confirming when using each service.