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Inner Me

Version: 12.3

Developer: Mind Body Aware Games LLC

Released: 2021-01-13

Updated: 2021-01-27

Inner Me 12.3 APK Inner Me 12.3 APK

Description of Inner Me 12.3 APK

What is inside everyone? The ability to be relaxed, thoughtful, assertive, and stable. The meditations and exercises in this app help you feel inside yourself and change your state.

Being relaxed relates to flow, the Winter season, and a person's young years.

Being thoughtful relates to rising, the Spring season, and a person's growing years.

Being assertive relates to heat, the heart, the Summer season, and a person's adult years.

Being stable relates to descending, the Fall season, and a person's declining years.

When life becomes complex, returning to the basic states helps you feel deeply and make conscious changes.