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AiCOACH Tracker

Version: 1.1.907

Developer: AiCOACH Sp. z o.o.

Released: 2019-01-09

Updated: 2020-02-08

AiCOACH Tracker 1.1.907 APK AiCOACH Tracker 1.1.907 APK AiCOACH Tracker 1.1.907 APK AiCOACH Tracker 1.1.907 APK AiCOACH Tracker 1.1.907 APK

Description of AiCOACH Tracker 1.1.907 APK

AiCOACH® provides knowledge available so far only for the largest clubs with the help of your phone and universal sensors.

The unique solution allows you to track players in more than 110 sports disciplines. You no longer need an expensive sensor to be monitored like the best players in the world. For measuring AiCOACH® uses sensors installed in mobile devices and universal heart rate monitors, cadence sensors and other data sources. The phone placed in a special vest is undetectable and its possibilities are almost invaluable.

The system is based on three applications: AiCOACH® Trainer, AiCOACH® Tracker and AiCOACH® Teams, which together form one of the most innovative solutions for analysing data in the world of sport.

Thanks to AiCOACH®, you can observe all important physical parameters of the players in real time without range limit of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or ISM. The trainer can monitor unlimited number of players at the same time.

IMPORTANT: you must disable battery optimization for each application: Tracker, Teams, Trainer to work properly.

The AiCOACH® Tracker application allows you:

➔ to track over 80 crucial parameters from phone sensors and sensors connected via Bluetooth LE and ANT+
➔ to send data in real time to the Trainer application used by your trainer
➔ to send data in real time to the Teams application, where your parent or guardian can observe key parameters during the training
➔ resistance to the lack of internet connection
➔ the ability to store data of completed training sessions
➔ implementation of your own private sessions and watching parameters using an Android Wear
➔ controlling heart rate zones and setting alarms on values of all variables
➔ marking important moments during training and analyse them using the Artificial Intelligence algorithms provided by AiCOACH®
➔ visualization of variables on heat maps and drawing values on the track
➔ export of data to CSV or GPX
➔ summaries of your completed sessions for over 100 disciplines

This application monitors player activity using mobile devices sensors.

The Tracker app will allow you to analyse your progress from private training sessions, as well as remote ones, monitored by your trainer. Charts shows the achieved heart rate in different zones, the distance travelled in the speed zones and the time spent in heart rate zones, tempo, average and maximum values are just some of the variables available in the application.

To properly calculate the values by app, a dedicated vest is required. It is available to purchase at

IMPORTANT: you must disable battery optimization for each application: Tracker, Teams, Trainer to work properly.

Permissions used by the AiCOACH® Tracker application:


• Phone – allows to verify the device, in order to obtain information, among others about the phone model. This allows to identify the sources of errors and the ability to improve the application. Lack of authorization may cause the system to malfunction

• Location - in the Tracker application it allows for the correct measurement of parameters related to the location of the player. Lack of permission will block the application's access to the location, which will result in lack of data regarding (e.g. distance, speed)

• Sensors - allows for proper cooperation of applications with external sensors (e.g. heart rate monitor). Lack of permission blocks the use of external sensors


• Memory (photos, multimedia and files) - allows you to choose a photo for the profile, and post-workout selfie from local phone resources. No permission will prevent local resources from being used in the application

• Camera - allows you to take a selfie in a profile, photos for session summaries, etc. Lack of permission will result in the inability to take a picture