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SmartMove Go

Version: 8.10.7

Developer: SmartMove Systems Pty Ltd

Released: 2020-02-12

Updated: 2020-09-16

SmartMove Go 8.10.7 APK SmartMove Go 8.10.7 APK SmartMove Go 8.10.7 APK SmartMove Go 8.10.7 APK SmartMove Go 8.10.7 APK

Description of SmartMove Go 8.10.7 APK

** NOTE - To use this app a paid subscription to SmartMove ( is required **

Welcome to the new SmartMove Go application for drivers.

Contact your fleet for your fleet key and login details to get started.

Working with metropolitan and non-metropolitan fleets across Australia and New Zealand, SmartMove is the premier automated taxi dispatch and tracking system on the market today.

Join the ranks of the majority of Australian fleets and use the SmartMove Automated Taxi Dispatch and Tracking System to increase your fleet efficiency and reduce the cost of owning a taxi fleet.

Drivers are safer, jobs are allocated more equitably and your business becomes more profitable. Unlike radio-based systems that do not have the bandwidth to do so, SmartMove uses cell phone networks to track position and communicate with the base. This means you always know where every car is. A discrete ‘panic’ button provides a mantle of safety.

SmartMove is a state-of-the-art dispatching system which delivers the benefits of GPS positioning technology combined with the speed and coverage of mobile phone networks to provide a state-of-the-art computer dispatch solution. Whether you opt for SmartMove’s specialist small and medium sized fleet system or SmartMove Enterprise – our large fleet option, you’ll benefit from our advanced range of dispatch and tracking tools.

Through real-time GPS tracking and mobile communications, the SmartMove taxi dispatch and tracking system offers fleet operators integrated reports on vehicle movement, activity and jobs, as well as providing a resilient call centre management feature to improve customer service.

SmartMove’s reporting and tracking tools offer a cohesive approach to taxi fleet management, providing insights to improve operational efficiency and fleet performance, identify cost saving areas, improve rosters, and much more.