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Tax Discount

Version: 2.0

Developer: Gadepalli Saipriyank

Released: 2017-09-16

Updated: 2019-10-09

Tax Discount 2.0 APK Tax Discount 2.0 APK Tax Discount 2.0 APK

Description of Tax Discount 2.0 APK

General Info:

Tax Discount lets you calculate Tax or Discount when purchasing a product or paying tax.


Simple UI
Material Design
No Ads


"Tax Discount" is a new and growing app which is distributed among all 140+ countries on Google Play.

Supporting Versions:

Minimum requirement is Android 5.0 (Lollipop).

Moreover, better updates will be upcoming in the near future if you feel like you want any. We care for our users so we keep each and every review in our mind given by our users.

About us:

We develop simple and responsive android applications for our users to ensure an delightful android experience for every single user.


For any queries feel free to drop a mail at [email protected] (Developer).
Cheers :)