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My Perfect Paint 2k19 Alpha Guide

Version: 2.0.2

Developer: gamesoud

Released: 2019-10-09

Updated: 2019-10-09

My Perfect Paint 2k19 Alpha Guide 2.0.2 APK My Perfect Paint 2k19 Alpha Guide 2.0.2 APK My Perfect Paint 2k19 Alpha Guide 2.0.2 APK

Description of My Perfect Paint 2k19 Alpha Guide 2.0.2 APK

Perfect Paint (MOD Diamond) is an arcade game from Kwalee Ltd. It is now available on and App Store for free to download. If you love simple and fun mobile games, you probably know Kwalee. They are the creators of many popular mobile games on the gaming market like Rocket Sky!, Jetpack Jump, etc. Perfect Paint is the latest product of the company, which retains the traditional features such as simple gameplay, easy to play and bright graphics. In this article, we bring you the latest Perfect Paint MOD. This mod allows you to unlock all Paintings as well as removed all the ads.

Perfect Paint is a great game for those who love painting but are too busy to do this in real life. You can show that passion right on your Android Smartphone with this game.

The gameplay is very simple, you will participate in a drawing competition with 3 other players (randomly selected). There is a template available with specific colors. Player’s task is to render it accurately in shape and color. Each match takes 40 seconds. When the time is up, there will be a Judge to scoring your photos based on the criteria that are to copy the shape and color of Painting. The maximum score you can get is 100.

As an Online match, you cannot pause the game while the game is in progress. Also, you can only wait for the results. Based on your rank in the competition, you will receive corresponding diamonds and experience points.

You need to level up to unlock new Paintings. At the moment, Perfect Paint offers 85 different Paintings that you can unlock and explore. For every level up, you can unlock 3 new paintings. There is an option to view ads to unlock more. At higher levels, the painting will become more complex and more detailed. We have also provided you with the Latest Perfect Paint MOD. With this mod, you can unlock all Paintings and use it completely free. Besides, annoying ads have been completely removed.

There are no keys on the screen when you play the game. All you need to do is touch the palettes to choose paint colors. After that, you can hold and move your finger on the screen to start drawing. Besides, the graphics of Perfect Paint are bright and pleasant. The drawings are quite simple and stylized. Also, the audio part is good enough. There are only a few simple background music tracks to help you relax when drawing.

After about 1 hour playing Perfect Paint, we found it quite interesting and worth a try. This very simple way of playing can help you relax for a short time. Moreover, the game graphics are bright and pleasant to play for a long time. There are also many unique paintings to unlock and challenge your drawing ability. However, there are still points where I am not happy about it. Firstly, the search for opponents is so fast that I think I’m playing with bots. The opponents usually draw very slowly and follow an existing script. It is quite similar to what I experienced when playing PvP mode in Shadow Fight 3. The second, the scoring method does not reflect the results of the competition. I tried to draw a very bad image that was completely different from the request. However, as a result, I still ranked second. In general, the developer will need to overcome these points if they want to attract players.

Perfect Paint is an interesting mobile game for those who love painting. There are many different challenges that you can conquer. Currently, the game is available for free on Google Play. However, there will be ads that often appear to annoy you during the game. You can fix it by downloading and installing the latest Perfect Paint MOD that we have provided in this article. Please download the APK file via the link below and install it as usual!