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You And Me

Version: 1.6


Released: 2021-01-13

Updated: 2021-01-27

You And Me 1.6 APK You And Me 1.6 APK You And Me 1.6 APK You And Me 1.6 APK You And Me 1.6 APK You And Me 1.6 APK You And Me 1.6 APK You And Me 1.6 APK

Description of You And Me 1.6 APK

‘’You and Me’’ is exclusively designed for the use of women’s care which provides you everything you need to know and get checked for every woman related concern in just a quick click. ‘’You and Me’’ app is designed considering every possible concern and needs that women can be having about the self-care and health anxieties. And thus, as a service provider who is having a mutual understanding about you, our ultimate perspective is to provide you the best with immense care by making your life an easier and comfortable one and that’s how we came up with ‘’You and Me’’ just for you.
We have learned the fact that with the day-to-day life routines, women today are going through numerous challenges and difficulties which making them stressful at the end of the day.

1. Period Tracker
This is the option ‘’you and Me’’ is having which helps you by proving you accurate and relevant details you need to know and also it gives you the chance to easily track your menstrual cycle. If in case it has any unevenness which may cause a critical condition latter on, you may identify that as well on earliest possible.

2. BMI calculator (body mass index)
Here you also having the option to check on your body weight. This should be the one that you are most curious but you have neglected due to time concerns. As an effective app helping you to take a good care of yourself ‘’You and Me’’ get your body stats so then you can find out if your body is on ideal weight.

3. Diet Plan
Based on your weight evaluation you may need to have a good diet plan in order to maintain your body in right way and also at the same time everyone looking to be healthy as much as possible by having a good diet and avoid unhealthy food habit. Having a balance diet is not easy as you may lose the control over getting a good meal time to time. The Diet Plan with ‘’You and Me’’ supporting to balance you diet plan which will make you healthy and also will maintain your body weight.

4.Weight Gain Chart
Weight Gain Chart is an effective health solution you can check on ‘’You and Me’’ app. You can check the levels relevant to your weight gain. Especially, when you are pregnant. This shows you the right weight that you should gain during your pregnancy and how gradually it should increase in order. Weight Gain Chart will get the weight you had before the pregnancy and then you can add you weight from the first month onwards of your pregnancy gradually. Average is concerned as that you must be gain 12kg minimum and maximum of 14kg at the end of your 9 months. From this chart you can check if you have the right weight during your pregnancy.

7. Kick Counter
Another thing that you can check with ‘’You and Me’’ is that you can also check the kick counter of your baby by yourself. Via this app you can cross check if the kick count of your baby is normal. Average kick count is concerned as 10 times for 12 hours.

Mothers having countless concerns regarding the babies. Vaccination is also an area you must be having so much of concerns. By ‘’You and Me’’ you can check the vaccinations that your baby should get on right time. With this option you won’t miss the dates and the vaccinations you baby should get and you can also check each detail in order.

9.Growth Tracker
There are so many concerns in the society regarding the growth of the babies. And mothers get confused and stressed most of the time when they get to hear different information from different sources, not knowing if they are right or wrong. Another plus point you get from ‘’You and Me’’ is you get the chance to check the growth of your baby by yourself.

10. Baby Activity
As same as the tracking the growth of your baby, you can also check the activities of your baby in detail by using ‘’You and Me’’ Baby Activity option. With your busy life routines, you won’t miss to manage the activities of your baby. There are so many activities engaged to a baby in order to take a good care of him.