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Jiinue loan

Version: 2.2.1

Developer: KIFEDHA APP

Released: 2019-09-05

Updated: 2019-09-15

Jiinue loan 2.2.1 APK Jiinue loan 2.2.1 APK Jiinue loan 2.2.1 APK Jiinue loan 2.2.1 APK Jiinue loan 2.2.1 APK Jiinue loan 2.2.1 APK Jiinue loan 2.2.1 APK Jiinue loan 2.2.1 APK Jiinue loan 2.2.1 APK

Description of Jiinue loan 2.2.1 APK

Thank you for your interest on Jiinue loans by kifedha. We have finally developed an android loan app for our customers in kenya to ease online loans application submission.
Jiinue loans app makes it easy for everyone to apply for a loan through their mobile phones.
Download jiinue loans app and get instant online loan to mpesa, airtel money and or orange money.
We offer loans to customers with bad credit records like the customers blacklisted on crb but in small amounts for the start.
Download jiinue loan app and apply for instant loans in kenya through the jiinue mpesa loans program. Get a jiinue mkopo in one click at a low interest rate .

My loan terms.
• 90-day and 180-day loan options let you choose what’s right for you
• 90-day loan payment terms have a one-time fee of 2%*
• 180-day loan payment terms have a one-time fee of 2.4%*
• Grow with Jiinue loans and build your limit up to KSh 50,000 by making payments on time

Jiinue loans offers loans in this category;
2.kuza biashara

How do I repay my loan?/ loan payday.
• Repay your loan with M-PESA or the phone number you sign up with.
• You can pay in full or make partial payments, before your due date
• More information on loan payment shall be provided after loan disbursement.

Jiinue loans charges a one-time service fee of 2-3%* of principal. Repayment schedules may vary. There is no minimum payment period for repayment; customers may make payments towards their principal at any time following disbursement.
The maximum repayment period for a Jiinue loans loan is 90 or 180 days from disbursement.A one-time extension fee of 2% of principal and interest may be applied to loans past due.Effective APR: 75-85%. Jiinue loans will never charge you more than the amount of your service fee (plus a one-time extension fee if you do not pay by the due date). Fees do not compound or accrue.

For more information you can visit our loan branch in nairobi or contact us directly online.