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クイズfor早川聖来 乃木坂46

Version: 1.0.0

Developer: o_hikaru46

Released: 2020-10-17

Updated: 2020-10-17

クイズfor早川聖来 乃木坂46 1.0.0 APK クイズfor早川聖来 乃木坂46 1.0.0 APK クイズfor早川聖来 乃木坂46 1.0.0 APK クイズfor早川聖来 乃木坂46 1.0.0 APK クイズfor早川聖来 乃木坂46 1.0.0 APK クイズfor早川聖来 乃木坂46 1.0.0 APK クイズfor早川聖来 乃木坂46 1.0.0 APK クイズfor早川聖来 乃木坂46 1.0.0 APK クイズfor早川聖来 乃木坂46 1.0.0 APK クイズfor早川聖来 乃木坂46 1.0.0 APK

Description of クイズfor早川聖来 乃木坂46 1.0.0 APK






そして、このアプリを通して、少しでも乃木坂46についての興味が増した方は、乃木坂46の公式のファンクラブ(乃木坂46 Mobile)に入会してみてはいかがでしょうか?知識を深めるという意味でも、乃木坂ファンクラブ限定の情報は欠かせません。




This app is a completely free quiz app developed by an unofficial fan about [Seira Hayakawa] of the popular idol Nogizaka46.

We have developed it with the intention of wanting you to know more about Nogizaka46, including those who are already fans of Nogizaka46 and those who will become fans in the future.

The difficulty level is divided into 3 levels: "Lv tiger", "Lv demon", and "Lv dragon".
It is a quiz app that anyone from beginners to advanced can enjoy!
The question format is also rich in variety, such as "● ✖︎ quiz", "free input quiz", and "selection quiz" ☆

Just by playing the quiz until the end, you can deepen your knowledge about [Seira Hayakawa], and I think you can be proud to call yourself a Nogizaka fan.

By deepening your knowledge of Nogizaka46, you will be able to participate in Nogizaka46's LIVE, and enjoy Nogizaka-related events and media such as during Nogizaka construction.

And if you have become more interested in Nogizaka46 through this app, why not join Nogizaka46's official fan club (Nogizaka46 Mobile)? Information limited to Nogizaka fan clubs is indispensable in terms of deepening knowledge.

If you feel that this app is a little better, please share this app so that more people will know about Nogizaka46.

Please do not hesitate to tell us if you have any problems or corrections that you would like us to add.
I would like to improve this app with many Nogizaka46 fans.
Let's continue to grow Nogizaka46 together! !!

This app is a fan app created by an unofficial individual and has nothing to do with the official one.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by browsing this app. Thank you for your understanding.

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