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Version: 2.1.8

Developer: Helios, LLC (APPS)

Released: 2020-11-10

Updated: 2021-04-12

#lovework 2.1.8 APK #lovework 2.1.8 APK #lovework 2.1.8 APK #lovework 2.1.8 APK #lovework 2.1.8 APK

Description of #lovework 2.1.8 APK

NOTE: #lovework is currently only available to participating organizations and you will need a invite to access the app.


#lovework is a revolutionary new way for organizations to build inspired teams and reduce burnout.

Teams and leaders use #lovework to practice and build healthy new work habits together. By employing a “bite-size” learning model, delivered with a refreshing combination of technology and human advisory services, leaders and teams “learn by doing” and subtly integrate new practices that rapidly increase psychological safety.

Psychological safety correlates to:
- LEARNING AGILITY — Greater ability to speak up and ask for help
- RISK MANAGEMENT — Better capacity to manage risk as a team
- INNOVATION — Superior brainstorming and more possibilities
- JOB SATISFACTION — Team members feel more valued and respected
- RETENTION — People are more committed to staying in your organization


Your team will...
+ Benefit from greater innovation via more shared ideas
+ Build capacity to better navigate uncertainty as a group
+ Experience more engagement and team cohesion

Team leaders will...
+ Feel more confident and capable in their leadership role
+ Spend less time on energy-draining managerial challenges

Team members will...
+ Be more energized and intrinsically motivated by their daily work
+ Feel more respected and valued


Our #lovework Impact Survey is built in to the experience, and shows your team's amazing progress every 90 days.

• 25 questions to measure burnout, energy intelligence, and psychological safety
• Analyzed data compiled into a beautiful and easy-to-read report
• Review sessions to discuss areas of success and improvement


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