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Happy Shoes Indonesia

Version: 3.0

Developer: Happy Shoes Indonesia

Released: 2020-06-29

Updated: 2020-06-29

How to install APKs bundle(.zip)
Happy Shoes Indonesia 3.0 APK Happy Shoes Indonesia 3.0 APK Happy Shoes Indonesia 3.0 APK Happy Shoes Indonesia 3.0 APK

Description of Happy Shoes Indonesia 3.0 APK

The Happy Shoes Indonesia Mobile App provides convenience for you as a part of our family. You will be the first to receive updates for newest promotions, new products, and new branch-opening all around Indonesia. Moreover, our new Customer Loyalty Program will provides further convenience for our customers to shop our products.

***Customer Loyalty Program
In this mobile app, we are developing customer loyalty program where customers are rewarded with points. The collected points are eligible to be claimed as a shopping voucher. Receiving points and claiming vouchers will be accessible as they are shown and done on the home page as well.

***Latest Promo, Newest Products, and Customer Service
Happy Shoes Indonesia will actively update promotions and new products for our beloved customers. To implement our mission to satisfy our customers with updated promotions and products, we provide them on the home page for you to check out. Last but not least, our customer service becomes more reachable as we are now available in some social media platforms and well-known e-commerce websites. You are able to submit any questions and feedback as easy as clicking the platform button.

***Offline Stores
As we are targeting to reach our beloved customers all around Indonesia, we are planning to keep opening new stores all around Indonesia. By downloading Happy Shoes Indonesia, you will easily identify which offline store is the nearest from your location.

Download now and enjoy the journey with Happy Shoes Indonesia!