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Version: 1.2.2

Developer: Gifturf Enterprises

Released: 2021-05-03

Updated: 2021-05-12

DinVyapari 1.2.2 APK DinVyapari 1.2.2 APK DinVyapari 1.2.2 APK DinVyapari 1.2.2 APK DinVyapari 1.2.2 APK DinVyapari 1.2.2 APK DinVyapari 1.2.2 APK DinVyapari 1.2.2 APK

Description of DinVyapari 1.2.2 APK

DinVyapari is a snapshot app for the NSE (National Stock Exchage). The app provides a quick overview of what is happening the the markets. Users can take a glance to find out which sector Indices are gaining and which are going down. The color of the indices depend on their percentage gain or loss in the day. So it makes it easy to make it out from afar.

The app also contains a pie chart which shows all the separate indexes percent gains in a pie form.

Almost all NSE indices are tracked in the app like,
Nifty 50
Bank Nifty
Nifty Pharma
Nifty IT
Nifty Auto
Nifty Metal
Nifty Energy
Nifty Media

Users can also get a snapshot of the Nifty PreOpen in the Nifty pre open tab. Very useful for users who make their day trading decisions based on it. On clicking of a particular index, all the stocks inside the index are also arranged in heat maps, according to their gains for the day. Information of no of advances and declines is available at the top of every index page for easy access.

Intraday candle stick charts for stocks can be seen by clicking on stock name.

Some of the global market indices have also been included to keep you updated in the global world stock movements. Intraday candle stick charts of global indices is also available on clicking of the indices name.

Options Chains Analysis for 10 strikes near ATM can also be done by users using this app, with color codes to indicate amount of bullishness or bearishness.

Stocks which have made new 52 week highs or lows are listed in a separate screen