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WebApp Vulnerability Test

Version: 10.0

Developer: Aseem Sethi

Released: 2020-06-29

Updated: 2020-07-12

How to install APKs bundle(.zip)
WebApp Vulnerability Test 10.0 APK WebApp Vulnerability Test 10.0 APK

Description of WebApp Vulnerability Test 10.0 APK

Feature Summary
- The app is a Tabbed Application, with 3 Tabs – Vuln Test, Privacy Q and Report.
- Vuln Test
o This is the main landing page of the app.
o On the top of the page, it has a Text Entry filed where the user needs to fill the target URL that needs to be tested.
o After this, there are 7 Buttons, which can be clicked in any order.
• Whois – This button gives an overview of the Domain, its creation date and Name Servers
• Sec Hdrs – This button gives a list of advised Security Headers that the App should be using as part of HTTP services, and gives a quick view of what Headers are missing.
• Cookie – Gives a list of Cookies there are returned to the user when the user accesses this target URL.
• Cert – provides information on how much time in days are left for the HTTPS Certificate to expire, on the target URL.
• Privacy Policy – does a web scraping of the main domain, to see if there are any HTML links to a Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy for the user to see.
• Report – Click on this, and then click on Generate to get an output of all output that the user has seen as he was clicking on the buttons on the main tab.
o The 2nd Tab is the Privacy Questionnaire. The user can do a self-assessment of his company, by answering these questions. Once he clicks on Submit button this screen, the App takes the user back to the main tab, and Privacy Compliance Dials show the compliance level in terms of Positive Answers the user has provided to the Questions.
 The user can also see the list of Question in the Report page in one shot, by clicking on Generate button.