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Version: 1.3

Developer: Artifact Technologies

Released: 2020-11-21

Updated: 2020-11-21

How to install APKs bundle(.zip)
Mixby 1.3 APK Mixby 1.3 APK Mixby 1.3 APK

Description of Mixby 1.3 APK

Introducing Mixby, the new social app for events. Mixby transforms a gathering of any size into its own social network, making it easy and fun to share photos, chat with other attendees and experience the event from multiple perspectives. Afterwards, attendees receive a digital souvenir to remember the event, showcasing the highlights.

* Join a Mixby event in progress or easily host your own- it takes less than a minute to set up!
* From 5 to 50,000 attendees Mixby works great at any sized event.
* Take photos throughout and easily contribute to the digital album.
* View photos taken by other attendees and “like” your favorites.
* Post real-time updates and connect with other attendees in the chat room
* When the event wraps up, all Mixby users receive a digital souvenir that showcases the top nine photos selected by the attendees! Share to social media and save as a keepsake.
* The entire photo album can be viewed at any time after the event.