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abs workout

Version: 2.7.4

Developer: Lavelapp

Released: 2019-07-02

Updated: 2019-11-17

abs workout 2.7.4 APK abs workout 2.7.4 APK abs workout 2.7.4 APK abs workout 2.7.4 APK abs workout 2.7.4 APK

Description of abs workout 2.7.4 APK

For many, losing weight is a big problem. Lack of willpower, knowledge, motivation, money or just time.
Therefore, we have developed the application abs workout, which will help you lose weight quickly and safely, while not spending a lot of time and effort.
A special training plan has been developed taking into account your physical abilities. Therefore, to lose weight in 30 days without spending a lot of time and energy is already a reality! By choosing a more complex training plan, you can pump up the buttocks, pump up your arms, pump up the abs, pump up the chest and increase the muscle tone of the entire body.
We do not seek to lose weight in a week, we strive to ensure that you can lose weight evenly, and that excess weight does not return.
Our programs are designed to do weight loss exercises at home, for example, the same bar does not require special sports equipment.
Daily exercise will help you lose fat from the abdomen and from the whole body, most importantly, do not forget to exercise and eat right.

Speaking of nutrition. In our abs workout app you will also find a daily meal plan with recipes and essential products. You will receive a step-by-step recipe, how to prepare yourself a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. These recipes will facilitate your weight loss in 30 days!

Also in our application you will find useful articles that will help you to motivate yourself to lose weight and help you lose weight.

The advantages of our application:
- Counting Calories Burned
- Counting completed exercises and time spent
- The history of all completed workouts
- Animated exercises
- Daily workout
- Daily meal plan with recipes
- Useful articles

Install abs workout, use and share your opinion with us!