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Version: 3.17.0

Developer: アプリラ

Released: 2021-02-22

Updated: 2021-02-22

宝塚エステサロンLIBRE 3.17.0 APK 宝塚エステサロンLIBRE 3.17.0 APK 宝塚エステサロンLIBRE 3.17.0 APK 宝塚エステサロンLIBRE 3.17.0 APK

Description of 宝塚エステサロンLIBRE 3.17.0 APK


Takarazuka beauty salon LIBRE official app is now available. You can receive new information and deals of "Takarazuka Beauty Salon LIBRE" in real time through the app. In addition, you can check and make reservations for menus and desired time zones from your smartphone at any time. By installing the app, you can use "Takarazuka Beauty Salon LIBRE" more conveniently and easily.
[Main recommended functions]
◆ Reservation function ◆
You can check and make a reservation for your desired time zone from your smartphone at any time.
◆ Issuing advantageous coupons ◆
Discount coupons that can be used at the salon are issued and used through the app.
◆ Visit stamp card ◆
If you collect the visit stamp, you will be issued a great coupon (there may be terms of use)
◆ Menu ◆
You can easily check the salon menu and price you are interested in from the app.
◆ Access ◆
The map of the store is displayed and it is linked with the map app, so you can easily find it even when you visit the store for the first time.
◆ Refer to the point ◆
You can check your points and usage history from the app at any time.
◆ Delivery of new information ◆
You can always receive the latest news of "Takarazuka Beauty Salon LIBRE".
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